Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1:

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle manual therapy which works with the CranioSacral Rhythm to release and re-balance the Central Nervous System. It offers techniques to treat the whole body in order to break the cycle of stress between the CNS and restricted or traumatized tissue. CST helps unravel pain and dysfunction at it’s source.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Identify the components and mechanisms of the CranioSacral system.
  • Develop the palpation skills needed in order to feel the Craniosacral Rhythm in the body & cranium.
  • Assess the expression of a client’s CranioSacral Rhythm and identify areas where the rhythm is challenged.*
  • Release key areas of the Craniosacral system that can result in profound relaxation responses in the body and nervous system thru the use of manual techniques including the facilitation of Still-points.
  • Understand the relationship between CSR and the connective tissue web/matrix. Learn how to release the major transverse fascial diaphragms including the Respiratory Diaphragm, Pelvic Diaphragm & Tentorium (Cranial Dura)
  • *An introduction to identifying & addressing lesion patterns in the core link will also be presented.

What is included in this course:

  • Exploring the Craniosacral Systems components & mechanics.
  • Understanding the nervous system and it’s profound role in the body & mind-body connection
  • Craniosacral Rhythm; Palpation & Assessment
  • CranioSacral Release Work (Sacrum, L5-S1, dural tube, cervical vertebrae, occiput, temporals, ears, parietals, sphenoid).
  • Facilitating Still Points at various locations in the body
  • Small class size to facilitate initiating practitioners into both the “listening” & grounding skills needed to become a successful Craniosacral Therapist
MARCH 2 – 4, 2018
18 CEUs

Instructor: Michelle Stoppi, LMT
Hours: Fri: 4-8 PM, Sat & Sun: 10AM – 6PM
Discounted Price: $325 (within 4 weeks of class start)
Reviewer Price: $195
Regular Price: $375 thereafter

Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Michelle Stoppi, LMT, RYT-500

Michelle is a full-time CranioSacral Therapist & Seminar Leader as well as an E-RYT 500 hr Yoga Alliance Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer. She has taught & trained staff at several 5-star spas and internationally acclaimed wellness centers & movement studios. In Miami, this includes The Sports Club of LA at The Four Seasons, the University of Miami Integrative Wellness Center, Fisher Island Spa, Crunch Fitness, and The International Training Headquarters for Gyrotonics, Inc.
After earning her Masters Degree in Psychology from Boston University as the President of the Psychology Honor Society, Michelle traveled to Asia where she spent five years living & training in the Far East, including three years living with Himalayan Sufis who taught her how to embody a different perspective of “being” than that which Western civilization offers.
In the 1990’s she returned to NY to train in various Yoga modalities and then settled in Florida to immerse herself in the Upledger world of CST. Since 2001, she has maintained a thriving, full-time private CST practice in Miami Beach. Her knowledge of Yogic healing & philosophy brings a multidimensional approach to her ground-breaking book, “The Only Visible Brahman: A Yogi’s Guide to the Craniosacral System”, soon to be released.