This class will educate the massage therapist on how to help their clients hold the work received in their body. The therapist will experience the exercises for themselves to gain a clear understanding of  HOW the CORRECT posture of the poses and exercises impact the results of the bodywork. The areas addressed will be the neck and shoulders, low and upper back issues, and most importantly, the feet: both standing and walking. The first day  will cover the issues associated with each area of the body listed. The second day students will work on each other  utilizing the exercises while giving the massage.

In addition, you will learn:

  • Our own posture while living our own lives.
  • Effects of computer use.
  • Ergonomic factors of sitting.
APRIL 20-21, 2017 (Thu-Fri)
JUNE 15-16, 2017 (Thu-Fri)
12 CEs

Instructor: Dena Glazer, RYT
Hours: Thu-Fri: 9AM – 4PM
Discounted Price: $295 (within 4 weeks of class start)
Regular Price: $345 thereafter
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Dena Glazer, RYT

Dena taught at Educating Hands for the past 8 years. She graduated from The Potomac Massage School in Silver Springs MD in 1985 and again from CORE in Tallahassee upon moving to FL in the early 1990’s. She became a CE provider shortly after that. She is also a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher since 1990 and a RYT for over 10 years. At age 82, she is a living example for all of us as to what understanding and caring for your physical, mental and spiritual health along with a positive attitude can lead to. It is up to us, as Massage Therapists, to first experience and do for ourselves what we educate our clients to do to care for themselves off the massage table.