Imagine you could get better results in your sessions without working harder and using a lot of effort… well there is another way, another tool to add to your tool box. This technique was developed and influenced by Rolfing and being attentive to the living reality in your client’s body. This work will take expand your sensitivity  as well and provide a useful alternative to deep pressure. It was developed by one of Educating Hands Core Curriculum teachers, Gilad Schafman who’s experience spans over 25 years. A gentle form of myofascial release used for muscle tension, injuries, rehabilitation and more. Learn how to influence the body’s own healing ability to bring tissue back to a balanced state.

MAY 13 – 14, 2017
18 CEs

Instructor: Dr Gilad Schafman, LMT
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9AM – 6PM
Discounted Price: $325 (fours weeks prior to the course start date)
Full Price: $375
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit

About Dr. Gilad Schafman, LMT

Dr. Gilad Schafman is an evaluator and practitioner of the NDFA and has taught this NDFA course for practiotioners with the senior developmental psychologist Rami Katz for 10 years. Dr Schafman has a doctoral degree in Metaphysics, Massage Therapy and Structural Integration. He is also a yoga teacher and a member of the core faculty at Educating Hands School of Massage. He was also the head of the massage program in the “Medica” and “Tsabar” Colleges for alternative medicine in Israel. Dr Schafman teaches massage and movement for professionals and non-professionals with a holistic approach.