Geo-thermal Therapy:
The Hot & Cold Stone Massage Ritual 

Geo thermal Therapy with hot & cold stones increases circulation and vitality, and brings energy and spirituality into a massage session. When used as extensions of the hands, stones may eliminate undue stress on wrists & thumbs. This course combines the Polynesian and Hawaiian styles of stone massage with aromatherapy and chakra balancing. Blending the above with deep tissue strokes using stones makes this a most complete treatment.

This course will cover:

  • The use of hot and cold stones blended with Swedish and deep tissue techniques
  • How to use basalt stones in conjunction with massage, trigger point and energy healing therapy
  • Alternating Stones with hands & elbows techniques
  • The proper stone placement and why this is important
  • The effects Hot Stone Therapy has on the “Body-Mind-Soul” philosophy
  • How to heat, and cool the stones
  • How to aid clients in physical healing
  • How letting the stones do the work benefits you, the therapist, by eliminating undue stress on thumbs and wrists

NOTE: The workshop consists of 12 hours of instruction that include lectures, questions & answers as well as demos and student trades. A detailed list of supplies needed will be sent upon receipt of registration. Full registration is required 2 weeks in advance. Your stone and heater kit will be provided upon registration. If you already have a kit, please call to ensure you have all the required stones for this class.

JUNE 16-17,  2017 (Fri-Sat)
12 CEs

Instructor: Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200
Hours: Fri: 4:30 – 9:30PM; Sat 9AM – 5PM
Discounted Price: $275 (within 4 weeks of class start)
Regular Price: $325
Mandatory Stone & Heater Kit: $145 
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200

Teba lived in Northern Thailand and India from 2005 – 2007 studying Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology and Yoga.  Teba became a certified teacher of massage and hatha yoga in 2010,  after studying with TMC, The School of Massage for Health and Mysore’s Yoga India. Teba teaches the Northern Style of Thai Massage as part of the 100-hour certification program. Teba has taught in Thailand, The Philippines, Spain and now in Miami, FL. With a corporate background in marketing, Spa management and education, Teba’s teaching experience makes her classes highly interactive and allow her to seamlessly blend proper technique and essential body mechanics with mind-body connection.

More about Teba Orueta at: DeNatura Wellness