The Meridian Connection

In “The Meridian Connection”, we will work with a complete circuit of 12 meridians and two very important “extra meridians” called the Central Meridian (AKA: Conception Vessel) and the Governing Meridian (AKA: Governing Vessel). These two vessels form a circuit of their own and help to regulate how energy flows through the twelve regular meridians.

Our focus will be applying acupuncture concepts to massage therapy assessment and treatment. The emphasis is not on acupressure points but on the meridian pathway itself. We will learn to trace fourteen meridians and will study the associated muscles, organs, emotions, and pathologies. If you are already familiar with meridians, this is a rare opportunity to increase your confidence by spending an entire day immersed in them.

  • Learn to locate and trace fourteen meridians
  • Learn a technique called “meridian walking” for acute pain
  • Study muscles, organs, emotions and pathologies relating to each meridian
  • Learn how to use meridians in clinical assessment
  • Learn how to treat meridian imbalance with massage techniques
  • Learn how acupuncture concepts apply to clinical bodywork practice
  • Practice meridian exercises and self-treatment
July 28, 2017 (Friday)
7 CEs

Instructor: Randall Gibson, LMT
Hours: 9AM – 5PM
Discounted Price: $135 (4 weeks prior to class start date)
Regular Price: $185
$100 minimum non-refundable deposit

About Randall Gibson LMT

Randall has over 30 years experience as a licensed massage therapist (since 1982). He is Faculty member of the National Institute of Massotherapy for over 20 years. Served as Education Committee Chairperson for the American Polarity Therapy Association.  Randall also runs a massage therapy practice in Fairlawn, Ohio specializing in craniosacral therapy: Gibson Massotherapy.