NMT (Neuro-Muscular Therapy):
Clinical Strategies for Chronic Pain Cases

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of maintaining a clinical practice is to develop treatment strategies for a diverse selection of cases. In this class we will open the door to of developing solid clinical reasoning skills while exploring the single most important action that our body performs – functional breathing.

Breathing is the first sign of life, and its absence is a cardinal sign of death. Breathing pattern disorders commonly occur and have sweeping consequences on biomechanics, biochemistry, and psychological health. This course will explore the 3-dimensional breath, discuss a variety of dysfunctional breathing patterns and their consequences on biochemistry and posture, offer simple assessments of breathing mechanics, and use NMT strategies for treating the affected muscles.

You should leave this course with the ability to describe functional breathing and to look for simple indicators of dysfunctional patterns. You will be able to perform several manual assessments and NMT techniques designed to enhance respiratory function. These strategies may improve vital lung capacity and enhance breathing, not only for those with respiratory conditions (asthma, bronchitis, etc.), but also for athletes, wind instrument players, singers and others to whom functional breathing is important. That’s everybody!

This 12-hour course is not a complete training in respiratory dysfunction, since there are many additional (and often serious) conditions that affect respiration that are beyond the scope of this class. These concepts do not replace a medical diagnosis and treatment, when those are needed. However, when appropriately used, they may offer complementary, integrative therapy that can be applied in any practice setting, including medical, spa, clinical, home care, complementary and sport.

AUG 26-27, 2017
12 CEs

Instructor: Judith DeLany, LMT
Hours:  Sat: 9:00 AM –  5:30 PM & Sun: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Discounted Price: $295 (within 4 weeks of class start)
Regular Price: $345 thereafter
Student/Reviewer Price: $195

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About Judith DeLany, LMT

Judith DeLany began teaching NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) in 1984; she has emerged as a leading pioneer in the field of NMT. As a result of many years as a clinician and educator, Judith refined and developed methods of teaching the American version of NMT. She is the founder and director of the International Academy of NeuroMuscular Therapies, a certifying body that sets standards for the training of healthcare practitioners in the use of NMT.

More about Judith DeLany at: NMT CENTER