Swedish Meets Thai Massage 

If you’re looking to incorporate Thai-style stretches and acupressure into your regular Swedish table massage/oil massage – this is the class for you! While traditional Thai on the table is given to a fully dressed client and requires no draping, Swe-Thai addresses the opposite: how to drape, stretch and manipulate your client with signature Thai moves, while they are partially or fully undressed underneath a drape.

We will explore different therapeutic acupressure techniques for pain relief, signature positions and stretches, and most importantly review body mechanics and appropriate draping to ensure your clients and you always feel comfortable and secure. To allow you to be safe, effective and precise in your works, we will also address at what point to introduce your oil, lotion or lubricant of choice to avoid slipping while stretching the client.

Techniques for supine, prone and side-lying positions will be taught and practiced numerous times so that you leave the class with ample self-confidence to begin offering this treatment immediately in a Spa, Clinical or Private practice setting.

In this course you will learn:

  • Thai-style acupressure for pain relief
  • Signature Thai-style stretches on the table
  • Draping for Swedish and Thai moves in a Spa, clinical and private practice environment.
  • Do’s and don’ts of using lubricant while applying Thai style moves
  • Indications and contra-indications of Thai Massage
  • Thai energy work
  • Guided breath-work
JUNE 2-3,  2017
12 CEs

Instructor: Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200
Hours: Fri: 6:00PM – 9:30PM
Sat: 9:00AM – 6:00 PM

Discounted Price: $199 (4 weeks prior)
Regular Price: $225 
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200

Teba lived in Northern Thailand and India from 2005 – 2008 becoming certified to teach traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology and Yoga at TMC, The School of Massage for Health and Mysore’s Yoga India.   Teba blends her background in marketing, spa management and education with her experience of Asian bodywork techniques to deliver highly interactive classes: filled with hands-on practice, one-2-one coaching, a keen focus on both body mechanics and the mind-body connection.

More about Teba Orueta at: DeNatura Wellness