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Join Ellen Watson, LCMT, ERYT, for 2 days of hands on somatic arts practices, including Esalen®Massage & Bodywork and Touching Essence®: a multi-sensory, multi-cultural shamanic somatic approach to healing through touch..

Esalen Massage & Bodywork is the international benchmark for conscious, caring and skilled touch. Our signature ‘long stroke’ is both an art form and a scientifically validated healing art. Touching Essence,developed by Ellen at both Esalen, Big Sur, and in Bali, works with the map of 8 Chakras, and combines skilled touch, sound healing, essential oils, shamanic ritual, breathwork, and crafting affirmation and visualization in support of desired outcome.

Included in our time together will be introductions to Mindfulness Practices developed at Esalen Institute, over the last fifty years. Mindfulness practices include: Esalen® Massage & Bodywork, Touching Essence®, Sensory Awareness Meditation, Gestalt Communication Practice, Personal Inquiry Exercises, Holotropic™ Breathwork Meditation, The 5Rhythms™, SpiritDance/SoulSong®, Continuum Movement, and Releasing Trauma through the Psoas Muscle.

Ellen, a 35 year member of the Esalen community, staff, and faculty, continues to practice bodywork and movement arts, facilitate classes, retreats and trainings at Esalen, and throughout the world.

Returning to our senses is the intention of these practices: our 5 physical senses and our three subtle senses: Imagination, Intuition, and Inspiration.Returning to the wisdom of your senses and your body, are the foundation for developing enhanced massage and bodywork skills. This program is designed for anyone, whether new to Esalen practices, or wanting to spend time cultivating presence, awareness, touching and being touched in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Suggested Reading:
The Natural History of the Senses: Dianne Ackerman
The Listening Heart: David Steindl-Rase, OMB
The Relaxation Response: Herbert Bensen, MD

Suggested Viewing:
The Art of Essential Touch, Volumes I & II: Watson

AUGUST 3-4, 2017 (Thu-Fri)
12 CEs

Instructor: Ellen Watson, LMT
Hours: 9AM – 4PM
Discounted Price: $295 (within 4 weeks of class start)
Regular Price: $345 thereafter
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Ellen Watson, LMT

Ellen Watson has 25+ years experience as a staff member at Esalen Institute. She teaches various modalities of moving meditation practice including Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, Esalen® Massage, Holotropic Breathwork, Partner Yoga, SpiritDance, The Art of Essential Touch, and Your Body is a Musical Instrument. Ellen believes the core of all healing begins in the realm of the heart and the spirit.

More about Ellen Watson at: Moving Ventures