Thai Herbal Ball Massage:
Aromatherapy and Herbology Meet Hydrotherapy

Massages in Thailand often introduce the medicinal effects of hydrotherapy, herbology and aromatherapy through the use of herbal hot compress applications. Easily incorporated into most styles of massage, this beautifully natural tool will add a touch of mother earth’s healing into your repertoire, helping to soothe sore muscles, release tensions and positively effect the nervous system.

This fun, hands-on class is open to all and includes practical hands-on creation of your own herbal hot compress in different sizes (body, face, etc.) Not only will you learn how to use the ball as an added value in your practice, but you will also learn what goes inside the herbal balls and how to make them for personal use or to sell to clients, creating a new source of revenue for you. You will be able to use and keep the balls that you create

In this class you will learn:

  • Many uses of herbal compress
  • How to heat and apply the hot compress
  • What materials to use in a hot compress
  • Step-by-step instructions and practice time on creating your own herbal hot compress
  • How and where to source traditional herbal hot compress from sustainable suppliers in Thailand
August 28, 2017 (Monday)
8 CEs

Instructor: Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200
Hours: 9PM – 6PM
Discounted Price: $195 (4 weeks prior)
Regular Price: $245 
Student Price: n/a 
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200

Teba lived in Northern Thailand and India from 2005 – 2008 becoming certified to teach traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology and Yoga at TMC, The School of Massage for Health and Mysore’s Yoga India.   Teba blends her background in marketing, spa management and education with her experience of Asian bodywork techniques to deliver highly interactive classes: filled with hands-on practice, one-2-one coaching, a keen focus on both body mechanics and the mind-body connection.

More about Teba Orueta at: DeNatura Wellness