Thai Massage on the Mat Certification:
Level 2: The Prone Position 

A medicinal art passed down through generations of doctors and healers in Thailand, this style of massage is received dressed and on a floor level mat. As well as being a common form of indulgence among most Thai people, Traditional Thai Massage is quickly increasing its followers in the West.

Viewed by many as one of the most complete bodywork healing modalities available from the Far East,  this healing art seamlessly blends acu-pressure, stretching and guided breathing to impact physical, emotional and spiritual health. The result is a very calming, energizing and restorative session that inspires introspection and the release of old stress holding patterns. No previous level or experience required to take this course.  May be taken as part of the 100-hour certification, or as a stand-alone class. 

Highlights of the course:

  • Origins of Thai Massage
  • Sen lines of the posterior body
  • Body mechanics for work on a floor level mat for posterior body
  • Prone techniques of massage for torso, pelvis & legs
  • Stretches for anterior compartment
  • Smooth tansitioning from one technique to the next
  • Moving Meditation and Hatha Yoga exercises with movement and breath for therapist self care and to use during massage
  • Practice, practice, practice!
June 20, 22 & 27, 29 –  2017 (2 Tue &  2 Thud)
18 CEs

Instructor: Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200
Hours: Tues & Thu 4:15PM – 8:45PM
Discounted Price: $325 (4 weeks prior)
Regular Price: $375 
Student Price: $225 
Deposit: $100 minimum non-refundable deposit


About Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200

Teba lived in Northern Thailand and India from 2005 – 2008 becoming certified to teach traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology and Yoga at TMC, The School of Massage for Health and Mysore’s Yoga India.   Teba blends her background in marketing, spa management and education with her experience of Asian bodywork techniques to deliver highly interactive classes: filled with hands-on practice, one-2-one coaching, a keen focus on both body mechanics and the mind-body connection.

More about Teba Orueta at: DeNatura Wellness