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About the Program

Educating Hands has been setting the standard in holistic therapeutic bodywork for more than 30 years. Our curriculum is intelligent, creative and integral from start to finish. It takes the student on a comprehensive journey developing technical knowledge of the body, palpatory sensitivity, hands-on skills, self awareness and the confidence to sense, think and respond “in the moment” to the changing needs of the client. It includes foundational classes in theory and history of massage, experiential classes in effective and efficient body mechanics and exercises to discover the inner strength and the delicacies needed to gain comfort in emerging skills.

We are committed to the personal growth of the student; specifically the development of self-awareness and the tactile, visual, emotional and energetic sensitivity inherent in Body- Work. We emphasize the body’s physical elements of strength, flexibility and fluidity and the mental and energetic elements of creativity, intuitiveness and receptivity. The design of our curriculum reflects the premise that the inner wisdom of the practitioner is key to success in any Bodywork modality.


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