Student Counselling

The school has a mentoring system. The class mentor meets with students on an individual basis at the beginning of the course and whenever necessary over the course of the program. The class mentor is responsible for addressing academic, attendance, attitudinal and vocational concerns that may arise.

Student Records

Student’s records are maintained permanently in the administrative office. They are kept locked in a separate room in fireproof cabinets. Contents of student records are confidential and available only to authorized administrative staff, the student (during office hours) and agencies identified in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In accordance with (FERPA) the student has the right to inspect and review their records and request correction for records which they believe to be inaccurate or misleading. The student has control over the disclosure of information from his or her educational records as outlined in the FERPA documents signed during enrollment. At the time of graduation, students will be given a Diploma and a copy of their final academic report. For official copies of transcripts bearing the school seal, and reproduction of Diplomas, the graduate must make a request either in writing or in person. A fee of $25.00 per transcript or Diploma reproduction will be charged.

Monthly Public-Transportation Pass

Educating Hands has a preferential pricing agreement with the Miami-Dade Public Transport for monthly public metro and bus passes for students enrolled in our Program. The current price (subject to change) is USD$ 56.25 per month. Payments must be submitted to the school no later than the 20th day of the month prior to monthly pass you wish to obtain. Payments must be made monthly and on time to guarantee passes are purchased and distributed.

Student-Teacher Ratio

In order to assure a high quality education, massage classes have one teacher to a maximum of 18 students. In some cases, or for larger classes a second teacher or a teacher assistant will be present. In some lectures, two classes may be united. Student Clinic hours will have one instructor to a maximum of 13 students. One clock hour constitutes 50-minutes of supervised, directed instruction.

Student Lounge

A spacious and comfortable student lounge with sofas, lockers, ovens, refrigerator & refreshment facilities allows our students to relax, socialize and bring food from home for their break time.

Student Library

The school maintains a student library made available for both day and evening students by posted schedule. It is also accessible by special appointment through the class mentor or a faculty member. The materials available in our library are focused on Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, personal growth, allied modalities and holistic health. These materials support the students as additional resources for understanding the subjects they study in class, in the creation of their reports, and in their professional development.

Book Store

The book-store is located on the first floor. It makes available all the textbooks required for the course as well as a large selection of oils, massage tables, tools, pertinent BodyWork publications and a wide array of books for personal and professional enhancement. Student discounts are available for most of the items.

Career Night

Twice a year, the school assembles a panel of employers from various professions who hire Massage Therapists. These include representatives from spas, health clubs, private offices, medical practices etc. They each describe their businesses and share their policies regarding interview questions, hiring practices, pay scales, benefits offered, etc.

Graduate Clinic

Over the years, the school has developed a reputation in the community for graduating quality Massage Therapists. This reputation generates many visits from local clients looking for quality massage in our clinic and numerous calls from potential employers.

Our graduate clinic is open to graduates of Educating Hands who have recently obtained their State Licensure. This is a great opportunity to launch their career upon graduation and gives them continued practice with real life clients.

Alumni Association Job Book

The Alumni Association provides a way for our graduates to keep connected, attend our Alumni Exchanges, join our community events and have access to our sought-after job book.

Employers looking to hire our graduates contact us regularly. Their job requirements and job postings are logged into our electronic Alumni Association Job Book. These openings are monitored and updated by our staff regularly and are available only to Educating Hands graduates who join the Alumni Association after obtaining their State Licensure.

We provide counselling in business and employment opportunities, however we do not guarantee employment for our graduates.

Professional Clinic

Upon graduation and licensure, our graduates have access to our 4 beautifully appointed professional clinic rooms located in the school. Rental per hour allows our graduates to see their private clients or service the school’s clients in a professional setting. With natural light, dimmers, music, hydraulic tables and hot/cold water in each room, our Professional Clinic is a wonderful way to kick start a private practice.