Our Facilities

For 35 years, Educating Hands has been at the forefront of holistic bodywork education. We received hundreds of visits each month from students and professionals in the healthcare field, making our facility a prime location to target and host holistic healing and healthcare-related events. Take advantage of our excellent reputation and easy access location for your next course, meeting or cenference!

Our classrooms range from smaller, lecture style rooms with desks and chairs to large classrooms with massage tables included. We offer the use of media projectors, screens, TV and DVD and free wi-fi. Our classrooms can accommodate large groups of up to 36 participants in lecture style, or can accommodate up to 12 massage tables for practical hands-on workshops.

Natural light, use of our massage tables, easy access for disabled patrons, and privacy screens / curtains set our facility apart. You may even use our lounge to offer your attendees a full coffee break-room. Available 7 days a week, and during holidays, Educating Hands is your go-to place to rent space for your next event! See our classroom specification table below and call us for more information.

Rent Our Facilities

Rent a classroom for your next event, course or meeting!

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Classroom Specifications

Room Specs Hydro Clinic 1 Practical 2 Wellness Science
Room size in square feet:
Faucet with hot & cold water:  √
Hand sanitiser dispenser:  √  √  √  √  √
Mirrors:  √
Windows:  √  √  √  √
Number of massage tables:  4  12  4  10  N/A
Number of desks:  2  4  3
Number of chairs  8  36  12  18
TV/DVD  √  √  √  √  √
Projection screen/surface:  √  √  √  √  √
Chalkboard:  √  √
Whiteboard:  √  √  √
Privacy screens/curtains
Carpet / Linoleoum Floor Linoleum Carpet Carpet Carpet Carpet

Pro-Clinic Private Treatment Room Specifications

Room Specifications Room 1 Room 2
Room size in square feet: 140 sqf 125 sqf
Natural Light:
Hydraulic Table:
Hydraulic Table length extension
Music player:
Hand Sanitizer
Auxiliary Table:
Hand Sanitizer:
Room Color: Purple/Lilac Sand