Welcome to Educating Hands Clinics

Specialty Professional Clinic  massage and/or acupuncture

Enjoy the finesse and experience of our best-in-class therapists; highly experienced professionals who have been practicing for numerous years and have a breadth of knowledge and specialties to treat a variety of conditions. Whether you have suffered an accident, been through surgery, are expecting a baby, or just need to re-charge, the professional clinic has over 10 different specialties on offer to competently and effectively treat your specific condition in the comfort of a beautifully appointed, private treatment room.

Graduate Clinic   massage only

Enjoy a treatment with one of our hand-picked graduates who has just become licensed. We carefully select the best students from each class to launch their career in our graduate clinic, developing loyal clients who are willing to see them grow in their new career.

Student Clinic   massage and/or skincare services

Current students enrolled in our holistic massage and skincare programs hone their skills on the general public, having previously worked on their fellow classmates. Students use the clinic to prepare for their graduation and state licensing examination offering treatments at an unbeatable price.

Community Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture is a natural healthcare system that boosts the activity and response of your body’s natural painkillers. Inserting thin needles at strategic points results in natural relief from stress, anxiety, pain, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune diseases, and more! Regular acupuncture treatment acts as preventative medicine. Community Acupuncture sessions take place dressed and in semi-private cubicles.

Choose from one of our three treatment options for a massage, facial or acupuncture treatment!